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The Allocation of Scientific Grants Should Be a Science

Journals Blacklist Creator Blames University for Website Closure

Jo Johnson Reappointed as Universities and Science Minister

Freedom on Staff Hiring ‘Has Strong Link’ to Research Performance

Dutch Contracts Have to Be Disclosed

Brussels Drive to ‘Punish’ UK Could End Membership of EU Research

The Conundrums of Academic Co-Authorship

Academics ‘Should Not Sign Over Research Copyright to Publishers’

Who Should Speak for Academics over the Future of Publishing?

Facing Biomedical ‘Brain Drain’

Sci-Hub Study Suggests Publishers’ Embargoes ‘Not Viable’

Tech Challenger Universities Lead the Way on Industry Links

Dutch Lose Access to OUP Journals in Subscription Standoff

Academics who Miss Out on EU Grants Given 'Seals of Excellence'

International Student Table 2017

Scientists Are Armed with the Truth. But it Won’t Win Them the Culture War.

Young University Rankings 2017

All Take and No Give? Many Scientists Resist Shift to Open Data

EU Research ‘Still Failing to Include Social Sciences’

Higher Education Must Prepare for the Rise of the Machines

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